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Sam Schmidt will lead in United States with head

Sam Schmitz conducción cabeza

When someone decides to dedicate is of form active to the competition it makes by that it feels and it carries within its heart. Also if the competition is confined to them cars or motorcycles knows that many you tildarán of crazy or daredevil and others so many you will be Recalling all them days that puts his life in serious risk. All this know you and are fully aware of this, but his passion wins them and they cannot do so by not taking that risk.

That is what Sam Schmidt was doing in the Indy Racing League to last 2000. That year was fateful for him as a terrible accident left him in a wheelchair-ridden. Without his passion for running, however, and the competition has remained present until today. This passion and fight him has led to be the first person in United States and in the world that can lead with its head.

Sam Schmitz conducción cabeza

To make this feat possible state of Nevada has provided a special license . This license basically allows you to drive a vehicle autonomous semi managed by moving his head. Thanks to this license Sam Schmidt may return to lead and compete, although only can do it, by now in this state of the United States.

Also so can return to driving and racing Sam Schmidt has a new car. The former pilot has counted with the collaboration of the company specialist in components electronic Arrow Electronics. Thanks to their collaboration have could adapt to their limitations a Corvette Stingray that only is directed by its head. The performance of this car is very peculiar and is manages of the following form.

To accelerate the vehicle Schmidt have to blow through a pipe installed in his helmet. In case of wanting to stop will have that inhale part of the air expired earlier. For turn the car will have that move the head and their movements will be reported by some cameras, which will transform their movements in turns to both sides by the address of the vehicle.

This transformation will have obviously not had a reasonable cost, but opens the door to many people with mobility problems can return to driving a car.

Source-Arrow Electronics

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