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Seat Cupra Ateca, the sporty SUV more closely for green light

SEAT Ateca Cupra render

The Ateca Seat, with only a few months of life, has been placed on the throne of the Spanish company. A jump Seat SUV climbs atop as far as sales are concerned, being the most important launch of the brand in recent years. And it is that it has even surpassed the popular Seat Leon. With the SUV seating every day in the market, the rest of the questions that have arisen environment to begin to respond. Which we are discussing today aims to the Seat Cupra Ateca and possibilities for that to become a reality. A version that seems increasingly likely to materialize.

Coach has had the opportunity of talking with some high charges of the company. They have confirmed you to continue studying this project, and given that the sports SUV segment continues to evolve, thinking about the arrival of a Seat Cupra Ateca is not anything crazy. Currently, the segment does not have a wide variety of options in regards to SUVs fast and cheap, so Ateca Cupra variant could carry a good part of the cake.


Also, the company likes the idea of a Seat Cupra Ateca since it would brand image. The name Ateca would be reinforced by a version sports, besides grant you more personality to the SUV and put it in that group privileged that occupy the Seat Leon Cupra and the Ibiza Cupra. That Yes, reach would have to wait until the end of 2017, as mark does not get the sport variant when even the range of the Ateca is settling.

In terms of the mechanics that would be under the hood, believed that it would use the same engine from the Seat León Cupra, i.e. the 2.0 TSI’s 290 horsepower. While in the compact the force is transmitted to the wheels front, in the Ateca Cupra could find us a system of traction total.

Source – coach

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