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SEAT sold the Mii by Mango in France with Amazon

Seat Mii by Cosmopolitan

New technologies are more and more present in our lives, that there is no doubt. These technologies have made to change the world of Commerce. We can buy many things, including personal groomer. Clothes, shoes and makeup will soon include the car. Today’s society day doesn’t have time to go to the dealers and if you want to buy a car before studying it in internet.

The network of networks has in its interior of all. However we can not replace the experience of purchasing a vehicle by visiting the dealer by visiting a website. However marks and car manufacturers are betting increasingly by online sales. Not only just create a website and launch to sell cars, this process requires a series of steps that have to be respected.


How to create all this infrastructure may be complex are allying to the major distributor and seller of internet brands of cars. Amazon is the owner of the eCommerce world and as brands know they want that their cars are virtually distributed by their networks. The last brand that it has uploaded to the truck has been the Spanish SEAT. For this occasion have exploited the Edition special of the small urban of the House.

The Mii SEAT by Mango brings together in a small vehicle many qualities, including a design focused on the exclusivity and luxury. These qualities are highly valued in France, country of the fashion par excellence. Why Amazon French customers may buy a SEAT Mii By Mango and keep it at your home within a period of 72 hours. This action is only available for 15 very exclusive units of this model and will serve as a pilot.

To get a unit the customer will have to make a reservation for 500 euro via the French Amazon (or by clicking on the source of this article) and when the order is validated in full and will make the economic transaction, the customer will receive their new Mii SEAT at their home in within 72 hours. To make sure the process will be supervised by the concessionaire SEAT closest to the customer.

This new modality of new vehicle sales will soon settle in our lives, but will meanwhile, proving us the less curious.

Source – Amazon

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