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Seat will launch its first electric car in 2019, and the Mii will be the lucky one

Seat Mii

If something good has brought the Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group is that the German conglomerate to bet in a manner decided by the vehicles powered by electricity and other clean fuels. Already have presented several concepts of cars electric in addition to any autonomous, but the project that really have advanced is that has that see with cars driven by batteries.

One of the objectives of Volkswagen is that all its brands have electric in its ranges models, although obviously each will enter in a different segment, and during a different time. The signs that more us interested in (by its origin) is Seat and seems that your model electric will come to the market more soon that afternoon and that date corresponds to the next year 2019.

SEAT Mii FR Line

As reported by Seat, to the mechanics of the Mii range will an electric version in the coming months. This block could be based in which already employs the iteration electric of the Up! and therefore its power will be hovering them 82 cv and 220 Nm of torque maximum. This set will be powered by a battery with a capacity of 18.7 kWh that the Mii will provide autonomy between refills of 160 km.

The idea with the Spanish firm is that the Mii will reach the market in the face the next year 2019. According to the Director’s Seat, Luca De Meo, the price of the urban electric Seat should haunt the 20,000 thousand euros (imagine that it will be before applying aid model may have). In addition, according to their statements car would only be available with the five-doorbody, leaving out the range version with three doors.

Finally we have to say that the Mii Seat will not be the only model of green Court that this firm Spanish in its range. In a second stage, Seat will launch a plug-in hybrid version of the lion to then put on the market other new electric model in the range.


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