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Skoda could think in a future pick-up to accompany your Kodiaq

Skoda pick-up

The offensive of the Group Volkswagen SUV seems to have no end. The Group has come late to the segment but releasing model that it becomes a best seller. The Tiguan from Volkswagen It has broken molds and the new Seat Ateca and Skoda Kodiaq prefigure as the new Kings of the segment. Without however German conglomerate could allow some licensing their brands so that they seek their style in the SUV world.

Within this type of vehicle we could frame the pickup. Ye say that they have nothing to do, but the evolution that have undergone this type of models to the asphalt every day they look more to the SUV. In the Volkswagen Group, we have the Amarok. The pick-up of Volkswagen has managed to gain a foothold in this segment so hard but soon It could have company on his family.

Nuevo Skoda Kodiaq

Thanks to Theophilus Chin can get an idea of could be a future Skoda pick-up. The other day we told you about that the Czech brand could be thinking of jumping into the American market. Is true that its current range of models is attractive enough as to which consumers yankees focus on them, however would still have to adapt a bit more to the tastes of these demanding customers.

In Skoda could use the platform of the Volkswagen Amarok to create an attractive and functional pick-up to hunt more adventurous customers. Looking at the rendering of Theophilus the Skoda pick-up would keep all the features of the front panel of the Kodiaq. These lines would be maintained until the B-pillar, place from which would change the shape of the model.

In the words of Werner Eichhorn, head of sales and global marketing of Skoda, the idea of launch this model could be studied. We must however take into account so that the brand dares to launch it to the market should be very clear that it will be economically viable, but they will not dare to do so. For which are examining the possibilities and capabilities of the markets that could become.

Source – Theophilus Chin

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