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Skoda has already sold 2 million cars in China

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China is a country with two very distinct kinds, high and low. The case is that in recent years seems that increases the volume of the upper class , and thereby the average purchasing power of the country. Without going any further, many of European premium brands sell exclusive products for this Asian country and, in addition, obtain a sales volume of much larger in China than in the main European markets.

Now ten years, Skoda is one of the European automotive companies marketed in the Asian country. Yesterday the Czech Republic mark communicated that they have already sold 2 million cars in China, making delivery recently Unit recently. The model number 2 million Czech brand has corresponded to a Skoda Superb Ambition finish with the engine 1.4 TSI and white color for the body.

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Werner Eichhorn, responsible for sales and Marketing of the Committee of direction of Skoda, gave the ship brand logo Li Hongan, customer of Shanghai. “Como our largest market, China is an important pillar for the growth strategy of Skoda“, declared Eichhorn. Skoda took 6 years and 3 months to sell its first million units on the market Chinese, needing only three years and half more to reach the 2 million cars sold there.

While the 2 millionth unit has been a Skoda Superb, more commercialized Skoda car there is the same as here, i.e., The Skoda Octavia. The Czech bestseller represents more than 50% of the total number of trades in China, having delivered more than 1,100,000 units of this model. Followed by Rapid with more than 300,000, the Superb with almost 268.000, with 250,000 Fabia and Yeti with nearly 70,000. At the beginning of the second quarter will start marketing of another contender for best seller, the Skoda Kodiaq.

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