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Skoda is thinking back to the United States

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Although it may seem lie the United States they are a market missed by many European brands. Many of them have been present, such as Renault, Citroen and Skoda. However the demand of the public American and the problems that have could have each an of them signatures made that lost interest and had that abandon the market by them scarce sales.

However, in this life nothing is eternal, the Czech subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group would be thinking back to the American market. As we have learned by the mouth of David Movassaghi, director of Skoda, the brand would be evaluating very seriously back to the United States to sell its range of products. This return would not be a big economic setback for the Group and help it to recover its place in that country.

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If you take accounts the reasoning of the Volkswagen Group to authorize Skoda returns to United States is more than credible. We must bear in mind that the country of Uncle Sam drink a quarter of worldwide sales of new vehicles and therefore Skoda could settle in the country without major problems. In addition Volkswagen already has a distribution network in the country for what it costs to sell their models would be more than reasonable.

Another reason that makes us think that this could happen sooner than later, is that Skoda has registered in the Patent Office and best-selling records in the United States the names of three of its cars . The models in question would be the Skoda Yeti, Skoda Octavia and Skoda Superb. However that mark has made this movement ensures not to jump the pond, since only the name of their cars could be protecting against malicious applications.

If it is true or not we should know before 2020. The reason is simple and is based on the Volkswagen Group business plan. Before trying to make the americas the German consortium has to solve the problems by the Dieselgate and make sure that the Americans do not want them no harm. Otherwise, with the range that has the manufacturer Czech and if maintains their prices may do much damage to others brands in the United States.

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