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So fat is this Range Rover Evoque after passing through the workshop of Hamman

Land Rover launched the Range Rover Evoque to those customers who are passionate about the brand but that they did not need (or they could afford) a very large SUV, opting for this SUV which is much more urban and with better skills in order to use the asphalt.

There are aesthetics who like and don’t, but for the British brand the Evoque was who a great success with regard to sales, since he entered a boom before the compact SUV segment Premium was unknown for Land Rover.

For those who think that the Evoque is a car a “posh” comes this preparation of Hamman, which completely changes the style of the car with a touch more racing, more cane. It is also offered for the three and five-door Variant.


Carried out by Hammam body kit includes wheel arches much more marked, doing the same thing with the bumpers, which have been completely redesigned, and the side skirts. We mentioned above that the coach wanted to give an image much more racing to the Range Rover Evoque, and they have succeeded. On the front is not site for more air intakes, while in the rear, within a sharply diffuser have integrated two large vents exhaust in the central area. With all this, more the incorporation of a lowered suspension, the clearance to the ground is reduced in 3 centimeters compared to the stock model.

It could not be otherwise, and to complete the image of “macho” of the Evoque, you have installed some 22-inch wheels with no less than 18 spokes design, that you might like more or less, but the fact is that they call, and much attention.

Finally, Hamman offers slight improvements dynamic for the engine electronics coup. Engine diesel TD4 goes from 150 to 181 horsepower, while the SD4 ascends from the 190 to the 220. The petrol variant also has a “repro” prepared, which raises the SI4 from 240 to 260 horsepower.

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