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So the inside of the new Alpine A110 (breaking filtration)

Se filtra el interior del Alpine A110

Laps with the resurgence of the Alpine A110. In recent months much have spoken of this model, which, in the beginning, everyone thought it would receive the name of Alpine A120, and not A110, as it is finally. The French firm has been revealing little details in the form of teaser until finally they offered us a couple of images of the outside in full. Now, a leak, let us see what this sport on the inside.

Filtration becomes few hours that start the Geneva Motor Show, when we will have all the information and data of the new model, as well as official images in high definition. But with the images displayed by the brand and the leaked photos and we can get a general idea of the aesthetic of this Alpine A110. The Porsche 718 Cayman anti of French nationality.

Se filtra el interior del Alpine A110

Glancing at the leaked photos, we see that the Alpine A110 has resorted, as already imagined us, to a minimalist and oriented to both the driver and the own driving inside. Therefore, we see a picture of instruments of generous dimensions, a multifunction steering wheel with large cams after its horizontal spokes and a screen in the center of the dashboard that will include all the main systems as a multitude of information and vehicle configuration, as well as navigation.

On the other hand, there is no shift lever, but a few buttons to decide the position of the transmission; as in the great Supercars. As a curiosity, it seems that the Alpine A110 uses the same remote control satellite for the audio control to the equipped in the Renault Clio current, i.e., the same who was riding the third generation Clio and many other Renault models. I already talked to a few weeks of their light and specific seats, its studied aerodynamics or its aluminum chassis.

Alpine A110

Tomorrow we will know all the details at bottom of this mid-engine sports. We are looking forward to meeting its engine performance, benefits that can offer this Alpine A110 and arrival to the market. Not is forced to wait a few hours to give you the information. Patience, is low.

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