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So the updated Renault Clio RS, available in two versions

We have recently introduced the brief update that the Diamond brand has introduced in the B-segment, Renault Clio model. This update is showed in the range “normal” of the Clio, but now comes to the variants sports, i.e., the Clio RS of 200 horses and the RS Trophy of 220.

Like in the more conventional versions of the Clio, the restyling knows just on an aesthetic level on these two sports versions, but we remember is that, just a slight update to keep it now that it comes halfway through its life cycle.

In the front , we see a new optical gala brand we presented a few weeks ago with the concept car Clio R.S. 16, during the celebration of the Monaco Grand Prix of Formula 1. In the bottom ends, we see three rectangles in the form of a checkered flag, dealing lights fog and the interior light curve. On the other hand, the optical main now boast of new forms that highlight even more with the strip of LED to them lights daytime.


In the rest of the body we find the typical additive sports such as specific bumpers, side skirts, 17 or 18 inch rims, spoiler of roof, diffuser and double exhaust outlet. They could not miss the inscriptions R.S.., Renault sport, the exterior.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Renault Clio RS is offering two versions of power and three different chassis. For motorizations, both resort to block supercharged 1.6 working in partnership with the robot with double change clutch six-speed EDC, although in a Variant delivery 200 horses and in the most powerful, the Clio RS Trophy reaches 220 horses.

The variants sports of the best-selling French premiered the system of Launch Control, the R.S. Drive with three modes of driving (Normal, Sport and Race) and an application called R.S. Monitor.


The 200-horsepower version is offered with the Sport and Cup chassis. The first, despite being quite stiff, has an approach for daily use and is available with 17- and 18-inch wheels, not being as hard as the Cup. As we said, the Cup is more rigid, and tells of Renault, which offers an intermediate compromise between routine use and circuit. In this case the wheels can only be 18 inches.

LVariant more benefits is the Trophy. 20 mm lowers the height of the body at the front and 10 in the rear. Their rims are of 18 inches and can equip is, optionally, with an output of exhaust developed by Akrapovic. It is dynamically focused for one very sporty use on circuit and its performance confirm, with a 0 to 100 in 6.6 seconds and a top speed of 235 km/h.


Source | Renault

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