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Some rumors are running to FCA could sell Alfa Romeo and Maserati

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is one of the large automobile manufacturers. Its formation, as it known today, data of 2014 when Fiat is made with the control of Chrysler. Now rumors suggest that could be more developments in the group due to the debt dragged in recent years. For this reason, FCA could be considering the sale of two of its main brands: Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

Another of which would also be in danger is Magneti Marelli, one of its components, but as we still say there is nothing confirmed by official sources. The case is that FCA closed the third quarter of 2016 with low benefits and debt that 7,000 million dollars. In addition to this, that in the United States up to 1.4 million vehicles have had to be called to review by the airbag.

Maserati Levante

Since FCA is under the command of Sergio Marchionne is has tried change its political and obtain more profitability. An of the strategies main has been it’s enter of full in the world of them SUV. Maserati Levante already is marketing and Alfa Romeo Stelvio has already been presented and is expected to be a success in sales. What is not yet clear is whether it will be enough to recover the situation of FCA.

Another of strategies has been the cessation of the production of models that reports fewer benefits such as the Dodge Dart or the Chrysler 200. With the time and the sales of the new models will see if FCA get recover is and maintains both Alpha Romeo as Maserati. Meanwhile is awaken them old rumors of the past that say that the Group Volkswagen would be interested in Alfa Romeo.

Source – Forbes

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