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Soon return from your holiday? Very carefully with high temperatures

Altas temperaturas en verano

It is very likely that your holidays and your days of relax outside your usual home are close to an end. If so, as if you’ve waited to the last part of the summer to leave a few days from the usual routine, must be very careful with the road, but also with the high temperatures at the wheel.

Psycho-physical level, affects heat and much. This is a reality and all we realize. Not pay equal at work, our body needs more rest time, we feel fatigue in less time, and do not have the same capacity for concentration. All of this is linked to the driving is a bad combination, and more if we are to embark on a journey of several hundred kilometers. That is why we must follow a series of guidelines that will guarantee greater safety, both for ourselves and for other users of the roads.

High temperatures in the cockpit make us slower reflexes and diminish our attention. According to some studies, if drive with a temperature of 30 degrees in a cockpit them errors of driving will increase in a 20%, while the time of reaction increases in a 22%; figures comparable to a rate of alcohol of 9,29 g/l of blood alcohol. If the temperature is 35 degrees or more, the feeling will be similar to a rate of 0.5 g/l alcohol.

The first basic point that we must keep in mind is to try to avoid to the extent possible “strong” Sun hours. Driving between them 13 and them 18 hours in full August will mean do it in them hours where the heat is more high, playing easily them 40 degrees depending on in what part of the peninsula we find.

Aire acondicionado

Just before the March, for example while we load your luggage, we come well down the windows to make circular air and soften the temperature of the passenger compartment. Not will stay very cool, but at least we will go down a few degrees temperature, matching with the outside temperature.

A time already have loaded all the luggage and are ready to leave, will adjust the system of air conditioning between some 22 and 24 degrees. With this regulation, we circulate at an optimal temperature, so we feel much more comfortable and security will be greater. Not us fatigaremos so quickly and our body will react before and better to each condition of the March.

Approximately every 2 hours, or when we notice tired, is important do a high in the road to rest. In that stop can take advantage of to eat something or take a coffee or soft drink. That Yes, there are to avoid foods high in fat since they cause us drowsy. Or that tell has that not must try or a drop of alcohol, although I think that the most of Spanish it have quite present.

In short, must lead rested, hydrated, having eaten but leaving them steaks for another day, stopping occasionally and when appears fatigue, with the cockpit to a temperature decent and, how not, with the car revised. Occasionally, the air conditioning system does not receive the attention that we should pay you. Before your trip, as well as check all levels, pressures, and others, check that it works properly. A journey of 500 kilometers during the hours more hot of the day without air conditioning, besides make is eternal, is very unsafe.


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