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Soon we will see a Skoda Kodiaq that exceed of long those 200 horses

Nuevo Skoda Kodiaq

Four days ago that we have to fund the new Skoda Kodiaq, the bet of the brand Czech for the SUV segment. This is a SUV capable of accommodating seven seats in its cockpit, available with front or integral traction and a spacious interior dimensions as well as a large volume boot. If you do not remember it, at the time of their arrival to the market will be available with powers ranging from 125 to 190 HP.

We don’t yet know the exact date of his arrival in the market but they are beginning to talk about; well, thinking about it, it takes giving talk since the brand confirmed it. According to says the half AutoExpress, Christian Struber, an important charge within the brand, les would have confirmed during the presentation in Berlin a detail very important on the future of the model with regard to their versions is refers.

Nuevo Skoda Kodiaq

Struber would have declared to the medium that the arrival of a version quite more powerful, without arriving to a Variant sports RS, is something that is is studying. “I drove a car last week and it was fantastic. We want to give to the Kodiaq further performance and we are working it. Now we must wait for the feasibility study”. Seems to be that Struber also said that it was of a motorization diesel.

Casting a glance to the list of mechanical diesel used by the Group Volkswagen, us seems that which more choice with the Skoda Kodiaq would be the 2.0 TDI Biturbo of 240 horses. It premiered at the Volkswagen Passat and 50 horses more than the current most powerful engine that Skoda has announced for the Kodiaq. The difference in power is more than to keep in mind and, despite the fact that the Czech brand SUV is not designed to find sports sensations, that would enhance the feel of driving and, obviously, would get much better performance.Nuevo Skoda Kodiaq

On the other hand, CEO of Skoda, Bernhard Maier, already confirmed that they were looking to introduce other trim levels which would come as top in the SUV. One of them would be the Sportline which, to tell the truth, it would be a good combination with motor 2-litre TDI 240 horses.

Source – AutoExpress

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