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Soon will be highways smart for car electrical and autonomous

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The challenge before the Governments of half the world is very important. This challenge is not more nor less to adapt its road network to the new vehicles that are hitting the market in recent years. In matter of a couple of decades tend cars electric everywhere and probably next to them a handful of vehicles autonomous willing to take our way. To accommodate these new colleagues our roads will have to adapt because neither the drivers will be the same or situations that can be neither.

One of the countries that more is advancing in the matter is Korea of the South. In this country is developing a plan face design and build smart highways aimed at self-employed and electric vehicles. Of this form will be adapting its network of roads gradually while this type of vehicles increase its share of market and are more present in his Park of cars.

autopista inteligente

It target that is has marked the Government of Korea of the South is ambitious at the same time that important. From here to the year 2020 is will have that build 1,000 kilometers of roads adapted to the needs of them vehicles autonomous and electric. For your design will take into account the number of charging stations that may need as well as rest areas located in the place that corresponds.

These intelligent highways will also have a System known as STI that will allow the autonomous vehicles pass through this way way type safe. Is is developing to minimize them emission pollutants of them vehicles as well as them jams and retention that is can give. Its operation is based on control of traffic through cameras and luminous panels to warn motorists of conditions that will be found along the way.

To carry to out this project the budget initial marked by the Government of Korea of the South amounts to a total of 29,600 million of euros and in addition, will attempt to capture others 28,000 million of euros of investors private.

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