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Spain increases the manufacture of cars in 2016 a 5.59%


The Spanish car industry seems to be healthier than ever. The production of vehicles in our country is one of the basic pillars in our economy and proof of this is that contributes to GDP national approximately 10 per cent. During the years of the crisis, many doubts as to its productivity and investments by the brands they overflew but it seems that our factories have managed to react and pull the cart.

The year 2015 was indicative of improving lived the manufacture of cars in our country and 2016 has ratified this trend on the rise with an increase of 5.59 percent. This percentage indicates that about 2015 has been manufactured in our country a total of 2.885.907 vehicles. If we translate these data for all hours that were spent for Assembly we have any chains of production of our factories are 5.5 cars every minute that passes.

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Our country not only has managed to close the year with a positive production rate and higher than the previous year, if not the growth experienced by the production in Spain is the largest in the continent. This is because many cars that are manufactured in exclusive world and, therefore, to cover a large number of countries produced a greater number of units they leave from our factories.

The situation that our country and its factories now live is a 84.3 per cent exports to third countries. The main markets to those who are going to stop our cars are the European Union, and to a lesser extent countries outside the common trade and United States. All of them have had good performance in General, but that begins to worry about is United Kingdom.

The Anglo-Saxon country is one of the main markets for Spain but with the crisis that is to open by the Brexit are declining exports. A total of 336,000 cars were sent during the 2016 but the fall suffered shipments is located in the environment 16 percent since September of last year.

If we count from all types of vehicles and major automobile components which are manufactured in our country we have to:

  • 2.3 million are manufactured cars (4.77 per cent more than in 2015).
  • 46.726 all land manufactured (180 per cent more than in 2015).
  • 1.92 million engines, and
  • 1.73 million gear boxes.

With these data you have to see how the market will behave this year that we have just released. The reason is that the country’s domestic demand seems that it is stagnating and others must see the commercial changes that occur in the world could cause our factories will drop.

Source – ANFAC – Aniacam

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