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Special device of traffic for Easter

DGT cinturón

Approaching one of the festivities that displacement of cars causes throughout the year, Holy week. Hundreds of thousands of individuals and families move to spend a few days with the rest of the family or, simply, to the coast to disconnect from the routine and take a few days off. But it is also true that young people lead of some localities other festivals that are celebrated these days so designated.

Unfortunately, every year receive unpleasant information by the media, which echo the number of accidents and persons deceased during the Holy week. The DGT plans that they will be almost 15 million displacements of long-haul between the start of the evening of Friday, April 7 and the last hour of Monday 17. What are the measures of the DGT for ease of mobility?

DGT 130 kmh autovías

Measures to prevent traffic jams and jams

  • Installation of reversible and additional lanes.
  • Suspension of works on roads during the major days of departure and return.
  • Limitation of events that occupy the tract (like popular racing, for example).
  • It will restrict traffic heavy as trucks of dangerous goods in certain
  • timetables.
  • Design of alternative routes to not overlook areas Center which can be consulted on the website of the DGT.
  • Be informed of incidents on road by social networks, applications, and information bulletins.

Helicóptero Pegasus DGT

Controls of all kinds

During Holy week, the DGT will pay attention to the roads. They occur almost 80% of victims mortal, being the most dangerous and representing 90% of the Intercity routes. On the other hand, also expected a great campaign of controls of speed, alcohol, drugs, and use of the safety belt, and thus own DGT has expressed it. In addition, DGT 8 Pegasus helicopters will be in the air.

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