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Start of production of the Aston Martin DB11

Aston Martin DB11

Although the new Aston Martin DB11, the expected renewal of the famous model of the House English, was presented makes already some months, the company just of announce that begins the production of the sports. Although the Aston Martin DB11 occurs in facilities that the brand has in Gaydon, in United Kingdom, beginning to get out of it the first units next month. He own Andy Palmer said that would revise personally the first 1,000 units, and by the time seems that is complying with its promise.

The new generation of the English sports begins production. Aston Martin DB11 reach customers next month after a long wait. It is of the start of the great plan of Aston Martin, the “Plan century II”, a program that has by front the launch of others six new models. An ambitious project that will be materializing in the next seven years.

Aston Martin DB11

At the moment, the English company has 3,000 orders for its new Aston Martin DB11 since the model to present at the Geneva Motor Show. As you know, the same sports renews to the DB9, that already has completed its production, and has with a design more modern and stylized. While the philosophy is maintained, with a slender line, such as rounded corners and the elegant character of the models of the brand.

Andy Palmer has State present at the ceremony that inaugurated the production of the Aston Martin DB11. The same Palmer has said that “is a time exciting for all the company when the first unit of a new model comes in production.” The DB11 is a car special and that announces the start of a new and exciting was to Aston Martin “.”

In the coming years, Aston Martin DB11 will have its long-awaited version steering wheel. Early reports suggest that, in addition to having the same block V12 biturbo 5.2 liters that drives to the coupé, we will have other mechanics of source AMG eight-cylinder in V 4.0 litres.

Source-Aston Martin

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