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Steal the wheels of 48 cars by value of 222.500 euros for a night

Robo de 192 ruedas en un concesionario Chevrolet

As you read. During the last week, a dealer of Chevorlet in the Tyler, in the State of Texas, was prisoner of the bad guys. They didn’t steal cars, tools, or even cash money. Friends of the stranger they dismantled and removed the wheels of 48 vehicles that were in a field.

According to declare them authorities, the theft began to it 1 of the dawn and entered to the enclosure after break them locks of the doors located in it part rear of the dealer, where the distributor of Chevrolet had a great number of cars of high range. A large truck hardly identifiable, where allegedly the thieves kept all the material, appears in scene to the 1:22.

Just before that, and to be not identified by surveillance cameras, they cut the lighting of the premises; so it would be very difficult to identify them. The thieves knew what they were going and focused on the wheels of greater value, those of high-end cars. All had 20 and 22-inch diameters.

Robo de 192 ruedas en un concesionario Chevrolet

We can think to steal the four wheels to a car, by very great, not solved life to anyone, but fueron 48 vehicles which were subject by bricks; many of them were the Chevrolet Camaro. Apart, must be added the value of tires that, obviously, to be new cars were unused.

In total it took 4 hours to subtract all the material, 192 wheels, which would. Don’t know the number of people who were involved in the robbery, but to raise so many cars, remove wheels, load them to the truck and others, was to be a large number. The estimated dealer losses are calculated to be close to $ 250,000, about 225,000 euros at current Exchange.

More than one month ago, a similar robbery took place at a Cadillac dealership in Live Oak, also belonging to the State of Texas. On that occasion were 40 vehicles that are left “bare”. Police are investigating if there is relationship between both robberies.

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