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Striking rendering of the hypercar Mercedes-AMG Project One

Render del futuro hiperdeportivo de Mercedes-AMG

The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE will be practically, and according to what we have told mark during recent months, a Formula 1 for public road traffic. Until just a few weeks still knew it as R50, although today we already know its definitive name, and finally will be presented to the public after summer, during the Frankfurt 2017 Salon.

Much there has been speculation about the aesthetics and possible engines which could furnish this hiperdeportivo derived directly from the “big circus”. Mercedes left clear the radicality of the model with the image teaser that we progressed makes some time. Its silhouette is that it could probably fight for the top in this type of competition looks like that of an authentic willing to compete for the victory in the 24 hours of Le Mans car.

Render del futuro hiperdeportivo de Mercedes-AMG

Through Peiser Design Facebook page have been able to get an idea closer to could look like finally this model, although of course, always under the view of the designer of these renderings and not on the idea that actually has Mercedes-AMG. In any case, as they have maintained lines of the two images showing the mark in the form of teaser, is likely to not vary too view regarding these renderings. Simply, and so we are accustomed lately, hard to believe that a company would dare to develop a radical like this vehicle.

We remind that the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE derived directly from Formula 1. In addition to aesthetics, every detail has been carefully studied to enhance the performance of this vehicle back on track. For its part, the engine will be a 1.6 V6 turbo by deriving and using much technology directly from the propeller of the Formula 1, being a hybrid mechanics which together exceed the 1,000 HP at full capacity. Its weight will be close to 1,000 kilos, so the relation weight power will be very close to 1:1. Brutal.

Source – Peiser Design

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