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Stuttgart will ban diesel vehicles in the center of the city

Stuttgart contaminación diésel

Large European and world cities are getting tired of the pollution and the emissions emitted by cars and industries. Pollution is increasing at a rapid pace and it seems that the thing has complicated solution. However, instead of fighting all the factors that come into play in the pollution of the air, for now they are only attacking cars and diesel vehicles.

Is true that they are the most polluting of all, but like everyone we know thermal power stations and other types of industries also emit their own and alien to the atmosphere. The city that has been proposed, this time, fighting diesel vehicles is the German Stuttgart. According to the local authorities have told Automotive News this fuel-powered vehicles couldn’t acced to the center of the city.

Stuttgart contaminación

Point that will drop the balance in favor or against diesel vehicles from entering the interior of Stuttgart will be the compliance or non-emissions that the European Commission has recommended. In the event that does not come to meet in a year, diesel vehicles will be driven out of the Central streets of the city. Therefore, from the city authorities are encouraged industries to comply with the protocols already that if there could be problems.

As measured against the city of Stuttgart has made public a fact curious diesel vehicles. This means that only 10 per cent of diesel cars that circulate in Germany during 2016 it fulfilled the normative anti pollution Euro 6. Alluding to her it emphasizes that the automobile sector should be the battery not to be offside when climate change is a stated fact (as if still it was not).

The problem, regardless of everything comes with the following: the German city is only criminalizing the cars. Is true that also he lambastes the industry in general, but those who will be affected are the cars. Therefore, we believe that they should open a little more his mind and attack the problem from the roots not from leaves.

Source – Automotive News

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