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Subaru is preparing surprises in the face of a near future

Prueba Subaru XV

Subaru is one of the manufacturers of cars more small to level world. Belongs to the group Japanese Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) and thanks to be under its protection has could survive to the fierce competition that there is in the sector of the automobile in the world. Brand has given very good news his group matrix in the form of growth of sales and market penetration , and this it has responded accordingly with good news.

Subaru expected to close the year 2016 with an increase of their sales of the 8% in comparison with the last 2015 (that to his time meant an increase of the 6% respect to the 2014). The number of new vehicles sold so far for the year stands at 1.033.000, and represents an increase of 6% compared with the same period of last year. In addition, the group already has announced that the 1 of April, 2017, when is meets the first Centenary of the brand, will change its name to the of Subaru Corporation.

Subaru BRZ 2017

The operation of the brand has been which has encouraged the group to go next year to provide more financial resources to the division dedicated to the automotive industry, this is a Subaru. Therefore, thanks to this injection economic can increase your range of products as well as improve its already of by itself good range mechanical, of transmissions and division dedicated to the traction four by four.

In addition, thanks to the increase in the funds of the company you will also have access to new technology with other brands and commercial arrangements. In them would be immersed Toyota, the largest Japanese car manufacturer has a majority stake in Fuji Heavy Industries, and therefore would be not unreasonable that the constellation Taurus brand launch some high-volume model halfway with your partner.

The future looks promising for this small manufacturer and from here we look forward to your news Subaru will always be Subaru.


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