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Subaru will have its first hybrid at the end of next year

Subaru Viziv-7 Concept

The Japanese manufacturer of cars, Subaru, is one of the few that still do not have a hybrid car on the market (if you skipped the version of the XV that sell in Japan, USA and Australia) of great volume. That have delayed both in adopting this technology not is by question of costs of development (already have taught several prototypes of their famous engines boxter hybrid). However this situation is going to change in a matter of a year since signing has confirmed that by the end of next year they will be the first hybrid vehicle in its range.

As confirmed by a representative of Subaru hybrid technology will be used is very advanced and they linger on about twelve months to get to the public permanently. Obviously the model on which could fall this honor is the next generation of the compact SUV XV since in a matter of a year will take place the presentation. Obviously the next 15TH will be seated on the modern modular platform that has developed the firm and that is his secret to incorporate this technology.

Subaru Viziv-7 Concept

The modular platform that will give life to the next Subaru´s is so flexible that it will allow to integrate it solutions as varied as blocks of gasoline, diesel, hybrid and electric. With this new model they premiere the new hybrid brand technology, since the current hybrid 15TH selling does not use the same technological scheme that have developed for future models of its range.

With this news, we can forget the rumors saying that the first model of Subaru to receive hybrid technology would be the Impreza. The reason is simple and is based on the large volume they need to sell to make it profitable in the shortest possible time and that volume is currently in the SUV segment. This does not mean that in a matter of a couple of years the hybrid technology does not reach any of the versions of the Impreza, but by now the first thing is first.

It remains to be seen in which markets it will sell and how long it takes to reach Europe, but what is certain is that Subaru will surprise us for very well. We are expectant.

Source – Subaru

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