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Suzuki could have soon a version 7 squares of the Vitara

Prueba Suzuki Vitara 1.6 VVT 120 CV

When Suzuki decided to give to the old generational Vitara all hoped that in some way we saw something similar to what we had so far. However, the Japanese manufacturer gambled everything to change and brought us to the market a model with a diametrically opposite approach. The new Grand Vitara it left behind its former lines square, its qualities off road and size and moved to the SUV segment on a lower step.

However, for those who still do not know the previous generation of the Vitara and Grand Vitara, is still on sale in perfect harmony with the new. Some of the markets that is still present are the Eastern and Australia. The problem that arises now for the brand is that the former already is running something old, and the signature has to change it. Therefore if for those market should continue to have a model similar to the previous one now that we could view birth the natural the Vitara substitute.

Prueba Suzuki Vitara 1.6 VVT 120 CV

According to sources internal of the brand Japanese are many those markets that are asking to screams a new Grand Vitara with capacity inside greater that which has the current model. This could make that Suzuki is thinking seriously in develop a model (starting of the base of the new generation of the Vitara) more large that the current or even one new to cover the demand that have.

If true this information the new Grand Vitara should measure around 4.5 meters and as they claim should have capacity for up to seven seats. The only problem that could see to the birth of the new Grand Vitara on the platform of the current is that would lose part of their qualities off road for of approach is more to the asphalt. However, seeing the direction is taking the global marketplace that aspect surely that doesn’t care to 99.9 percent of the people who bought a new Suzuki Grand Vitara.

Finally have to say that the information that there is talk about this possibility within the brand, but what do not know is if it could reach other markets or will stay in that their demand will be real. Hopefully Suzuki put it on sale and bring it to our country, because it would improve its image and increase their deliveries. Look at the data.


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