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Suzuki to launch a rival to fight Renault Kwid in the India

Suzuki Crosshiker Concept

The Indian car market is one of the largest in the world. We already know, but perhaps not many people know is that (as occurs in Japan with the kei car) most of the cars that are sold in the country are those who measure less than 4 metres long. This is because of the India Government has decided that to avoid major congestion in the traffic and pollution levels to rise exponentially sold this type of vehicles that are smaller and more energy efficient.

Following the precepts of the market, Suzuki and his filial Indian Maruti, have dominated with iron fist this complex market. However, until they have entered in scene other rival brands, Suzuki has been given has not been features that you need to change certain products in order to remain leaders in the country. The firm of which we speak is not more nor less than the French Renault and the car that is getting to do pupa to house Japanese is the Kwid.

Renualt Kwid

The small urban Renault has achieved in a very short time sold more than 100,000 units and that supposedly being resounding success. So strong has been the impact which the Maruti Alto, the best-selling vehicle in the country, has seen its sales down in more than twenty thousand units per year. Therefore, to stop this bleeding of sales in the direction of Suzuki have considered launching a court SUV model that serve them to stand up to the most modern Kwid.

As reported by the Japanese firm the idea is to launch a court SUV vehicle, as Maruti Alto belongs to another segment of the market and seems not to meet the demands in terms of design of new consumers. According to this criterion model to present it will take many features of design and style of the Suzuki Crosshiker Concept (which you have in the header image).

In addition to all this, it is more than likely that with the commercial launch of this new model the range of engines see improved. If so, Maruti could brand new new blocks 800 cubic centimeters gasoline until the litre of displacement, all with powers contained to avoid large tax burdens.

Source – Suzuki

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