Sunday , December 5 2021
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Amazon wants to create a smart road for autonomous cars


Autonomous driving will change the world and the way we drive and move the world. In a matter of a very short time we will have the roads completely autonomous models, but its high level of technology will have to confront an antiquated roads. This will happen because the number …

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Fiat sold in Italy several of its models through Amazon


Makes three months I informed you of that the giant of the sale on line, Amazon, is got of full in the career of the sale of cars through its platform. The idea initial not is sell cars as such, but advise to them customers for before taking the decision …

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SEAT sold the Mii by Mango in France with Amazon


New technologies are more and more present in our lives, that there is no doubt. These technologies have made to change the world of Commerce. We can buy many things, including personal groomer. Clothes, shoes and makeup will soon include the car. Today’s society day doesn’t have time to go …

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Happy birthday!!! Volvo Amazon meets 60 springs


The Swedish manufacturer Volvo is a clear example of how a small mark can make great cars. As all know those cars that Volvo has made throughout its 89 years of history are special. Special because they dress with a design very sober, highly functional interior and one of its …

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Amazon now only advises, but wants to sell you a car


At the time of purchase a vehicle new them consumers need have the information enough to hit with your purchase. According to several studies, the internet is the source that most these clients looking for information. The basic reason for that this behavior has taken hold is for immediacy in …

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