Thursday , October 1 2020
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Bosch unveils new systems for electric cars in Detroit


At the Detroit Auto Show have not only become super cars and new models. American Sign also serves as a showcase that components and automotive parts companies take their latest innovations and systems to improve the cars. The German manufacturer Bosch components is one of the largest and most important …

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The next Jeep Grand Cherokee used Alfa Romeo platform


An of the best things that you could occur to Jeep when Mercedes-Benz (Daimler AG) les paid technology was the revival of the Grand Cherokee. He all terrain big of the signature American received the same platform that employed the Mercedes ML and this you helped to improve its performance …

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Trumpchi, the Guangzhou Auto car brand new


The Chinese never cease to surprise us in its effort to grow and cornering the global automotive industry. There are over 100 brands of cars in the Asian country but it seems that they still have site for more and more brands. Now, in the heat of the Detroit Auto …

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The new Ford Bronco hit the market in the year 2020


He Ford Bronco was an all terrain that marked a before and an after in it signature of the oval blue. Ago years that not is sold, as their substitutes took another form and road, however them enthusiasts of the model never have left of dream with a new iteration …

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The Chevrolet Traverse has already made an appearance in Detroit


In have already spoken you something about the next generation of the Chevrolet Traverse. The signature of the bow tie needed with emergency update this great SUV (medium in them United States) and has decided that in the Auto Show of Detroit that opened their doors yesterday was to …

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The new Ford F-150 will debut in Detroit with surprises


The Ford F-150 (F-series) is the best-selling model in the United States and the signing of the oval does not want competition to steal the land that have managed to achieve with so many years of work. Their sales grow year to year and now that RAM and Chevrolet van …

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