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BMW i8 2017: will come with more power and autonomy


The BMW i8, the hybrid sports Futurist of the German mark began its commercialization by the end of 2013, bringing with us 3 years. Since that time, it has failed beyond changes of some special editions in which aesthetics only modified. Makes already some months met the news that incorporated …

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Confirmed: the BMW i8 Roadster will land in 2018


In BMW many had the dream of launching a BMW i8 with the sky by ceiling. It seemed that this day would never come and that, although it was shown as a prototype, about four years ago, delays and few information made us think that finally BMW do not dare …

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A BMW i8 out tone, by German Special Customs


News Engine already spoke again about the BMW i8. It is the German technological production model created by the brand to date. It’s a sporty hybrid that, although it may not catalog supercar, offers a very decent performance with their 362 horses and homologated consumption of only 2.1 liters. “Less …

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BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition, for the Salon of Paris


The opening of doors of the Salon of Paris is, as they say, to it turned of the corner and already know practically all the news important that there displayed them different manufacturers motorists. The last launch that we know will be the of the BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver …

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The next BMW i8 could reach up to 750 HP


It seems that a new BMW i8 is among the plans for the future of the Bavarian brand. The next generation of sports hybrid might be very different from what we know it today. It could even change your concept. While the current i8 is is of a hybrid that …

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