Sunday , December 5 2021
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It could be the next Tesla Roadser; dream by dream on a Toyota FT-1


The Model S has become the advertising of Tesla Motors and technology showcase, however long before that came this electric sedan manufacturer in Silicon Valley had already made another car. The Roadster was the first electric brand vehicle and despite being seated on a Lotus chassis, its batteries and sensations …

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Volvo promises autonomy in their top 400 km electric car


The race to have the electric car with the greater autonomy of the market seems that it has already begun. When Nissan launched the Leaf around the world missed is the hands to the head, as adjusted autonomy caused anxiety in clients. However, now that the technology is advancing at …

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The next generation of the Nissan Leaf will arrive in September


The Nissan Leaf has been (within its reduced scope of broadcasting) a real success, it undoubtedly. The best-selling electric car in the world (more than 250,000 units worldwide) takes a while in the market, like everything in this life needs to be renewed if you want not to be surpassed …

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