Friday , January 15 2021
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China already sells more electric cars than Europe


Sales of electric cars in the world still do not reach or far one-tenth of which moved cars obtained by derived from petroleum. China is the country of the world in which greater number of sales of cars are obtained and as indicates the logical is in which greater number …

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Mazda will have its first car 100% electric in 2019


Not ago or two weeks since talked of some negotiations confirmed between Mazda and Toyota to share technologies in the development of future vehicles electrical. Those negotiations are still trying to, but as it has confirmed Kiyoshi Fujiwara, head of research and development of the brand, Mazda will put in …

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Toyota will have its first electric car in large volume in 2020


If there is any brand automotive landmark in the production of hybrid vehicles, that is Toyota. To end of the last century the company Japanese is pulled to the pool with the launch of the Toyota Prius; a vehicle that, as at present, combining an internal combustion engine’s gasoline with …

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Volvo and LG will join forces to manufacture cars electric


Volvo is one of them manufacturers of cars that more time has been betting by the mobility sustainable and the driving autonomous. However, to difference of other brands, still not is has released to the pool putting on the market a vehicle that aune both features. This delay not is …

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Lucid Motors the new brand name of electric Atieva


The other day you talked of Atieva and them plans that had for planting face to Tesla Motors with a car electric to the height of the yours. This new electric vehicle manufacturer comes from Silicon Valley and poses to the industry more questions than answers. We know that the …

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Soon will be highways smart for car electrical and autonomous


The challenge before the Governments of half the world is very important. This challenge is not more nor less to adapt its road network to the new vehicles that are hitting the market in recent years. In matter of a couple of decades tend cars electric everywhere and probably next …

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The next electric Mercedes take the surname ‘EQ’


Mercedes Concept IAA Time ago we told you about that Mercedes was thinking about creating a sub-brand for its upcoming electric vehicles. It would rival the BMW i and we can get an idea of how you can call. The star brand has recorded a series of names and it …

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