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CO2 emissions

Alliance between McLaren and BMW to develop more efficient engines


The requirements of the normative anti-pollution increasingly put the most difficult things to different manufacturers and, although did not create it, to those responsible for developing very high performance vehicles also, even under some conditions than high-volume brands. This has led to firms McLaren and BMW to sign an Alliance …

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Renault and Volkswagen could be blocked in France


After the scandal of the Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group brands began to take on face that also made traps similar to those that carried out the German consortium. Moreover, some countries such as France have been investigating what is what is happening with the emissions of engines which brands …

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Volkswagen check the CO2 emissions of their models


With which has bundled the Group Volkswagen to level world with the emissions of their engines not is can mislead much more if not wants to end get same. Of the United States never cease to get news about falsification of emissions of engines diesel and petrol as well as …

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Electric also emit CO2 and realize now that


The automotive industry is in constant revolution. The last, with more signs of future focuses on the electrification of the driving. However we must remember that the first cars of the story were already powered by electricity, what happened is that combustion engines were imposed by its lighter weight and …

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