Tuesday , December 7 2021
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The new Mercedes-Benz class E convertible hood works so well


The image that unveiled Mercedes-Benz the other day of his new class E Cabrio we left with more questions that answers. Obviously the similar with his brother coup√© should be much, because the difference lies between both models lies exclusively in its ceiling. However, and although the signature of the …

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Mercedes welcomes the new ‘roadster’ AMG GT family

Large Mercedes AMG models have received new members of his family, two convertibles that collected the best of the models in the range and offer an impressive, dynamic and very elegant, image with the introduction of the more powerful model among the convertibles of Mercedes AMG

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The R8 Spyder is renewed to surprise us

The new generation of the R8 Spyder hits the market improving the capabilities of its predecessor, with a slight growth in its length, improving their equipment and giving it a more attractive image and offering a still more active driving experience

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Mazda MX-5 RF occurs in the Goodwood FoS at European level


Already have been progressing for a couple of days with the arrival of the Mazda MX-5 Icon Edition to Goodwood: “won’t be the only protagonist of the MX-5 at Goodwood range, as we will also see the attraction Mazda MX-5 RF”, said. And we Japanese brand to take advantage of …

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New Volkswagen Beetle, beetle gets handsome


Even though just a few hours ago I have presented the Volkswagen Beetle Dune, we now have to talk about the iconic German model. And is that the Volkswagen Beetle receives renews its image in this restyling to feel more handsome, more manly. Since the launch of this latest generation …

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Finally we see a Ferrari LaFerrari Spider, although a scale 1:43


We have several months eager to know the convertible variant of the hiperdeportivo of the prancing horse and, although it seems that every day is closer, our impatience is multiplied every time you light a small detail of the Ferrari LaFerrari Spider. The closed roof LaFerrari was launched on the …

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Will we see someday a convertible Bentley Mulsanne?


Bentley Grand Convertible Concept Since in 2009 to cease the production of the Bentley Azure, the British brand has not had its range a great convertible derived from his truck of representation, the Bentley Mulsanne. In the year 2012 Bentley presented some sketches of what would be the convertible Mulsanne …

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