Wednesday , October 20 2021
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Special device of traffic for Easter


Approaching one of the festivities that displacement of cars causes throughout the year, Holy week. Hundreds of thousands of individuals and families move to spend a few days with the rest of the family or, simply, to the coast to disconnect from the routine and take a few days off. …

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The DGT 8 measures to improve traffic and safety in 2017

The address General of traffic has established a set of measures to improve the flow of the traffic and increase the safety in the road. Between them reforms, highlights that the taxis and the vehicles of use shared may use the rail BUS-VAO with an only occupying.

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Almost 2,000 positive alcohol or drug in just one week


December is a month in which tend to be regular meetings for lunch or dinner with colleagues , classmates, friends or with the family. One thing can lead to another, and it is possible that we end up with a drink, or several. It is no problem and we are …

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The DGT may increase to 130 Km/h speed on motorways


Still remember as if outside yesterday which is bundled when by guilt of the last “crisis energy” (it between comillo because really not was such) is reduced the limit of speed of our motorways and highways to 110 kilometers by hour. Everyone complained that it did not helped to save …

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Radars DGT list we already have to control the belts


A month ago we informed you that the General direction of traffic (DGT) had launched a campaign to control the use of the safety belt. This campaign focused on control of the use of this very important safety element in developing urban and peri urban. Also, also put the focus …

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DEV: Road address. What is it?


It is likely that in the past few days you’ve heard the “Vial electronic address“, known as the DEV. Whenever any information of any new administration arrives, finance or the DGT we are longing to tremble, and is not for less since we think ‘ to see more or how …

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