Sunday , December 5 2021
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One of the words that more you are listening to in the car trade during recent years is “downsizing“. They are the engines of low capacity and high performance that, in theory, contribute to reduce the pollution produced during the combustion in the cylinder. Most “normal” brands have resorted to …

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The downsizing could have hours counted with the new Euro 6 c


The downsizing came to our lives makes relatively little time. With it, the car brands what they wanted was to decrease their mechanics of gasoline consumption so that they would be more equal to their diesel engines. Basically with this technique what is done is reduce the cubic capacity or …

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Engines with injection of water, an innovation from Bosch

Bosch has developed an innovative system of injection of water to optimize the power and the consumption of conventional gasoline engines, and also in the turbocharged. It is the first and only provider offering the injection of water already used in the BMW M4 GTS.

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