Tuesday , January 26 2021
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Ferrari Enzo

To auction a Ferrari Enzo belonging to Tommy Hilfiger


The Ferrari Enzo is one of the “TOP” models of Ferrari. Within several decades will be remembered at the level of the F40 and F50 and Ferrari LaFerrari. Marketed at the beginning of the new millennium, its production in a principle was limited to 349 units, although later in Maranello …

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Floyd Mayweather will take the first Kode57


The Kode57 is one of those cars that most mortals can see in images. Limited to 5 units, this model has been designed by Ken Okuyama, Yes, the same designer of the spectacular Ferrari Enzo or the elegant Maserati Quattroporte. Its appearance is all an exercise of design that called …

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Kode57: the last of Ken Okuyama, creator of the Ferrari Enzo


Perhaps to many not you sound the name of Ken Okuyama so first. Although if I say unto you that it is a Japanese designer architect of models as emblematic as the Ferrari Enzo, maybe you will play. Among his most successful designs while working for Pininfarina are others like …

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