Friday , October 22 2021
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I do echo the controversial words of Sergio Marchionne to Lamborghini


Sergio Marchionne has sent an ordago which historically always been his biggest rival; This is a Lamborghini. We do not know exactly the purpose of their statements. Reason not missing, because without a doubt, in exclusivity; It’s hard to beat Ferrari. Want Mr Marchionne addressed directly to Stefano Domenicali?, or …

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Ferrari meets 70 Springs stronger than ever


Be one of the most envied and coveted car brands over the years is something that few firms can boast. The 12 of March of the year 1947 was the first Ferrari from the small workshop that Enzo Ferrari had in the Italian town of Maranello. Since that time fans …

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Marchionne announced in Geneva that Ferrari will have a V6 Turbo


American Italian Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) group is one that most active is in the Geneva Auto Show despite not present great innovations in its brands. In addition, the person responsible for giving the holders, in the Swiss event, you are telling is not neither more nor less than the …

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Remain a hypothetical Ferrari 812 Roadster


The successor to the powerful Ferrari F12berlinetta has been presented these days. Ferrari 812 Superfast arrives like a volcano with anything that comes in your way. And is that talk of a car with 800 Horses of powers that travel direct to the train back, a boast of technology and …

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What mysterious Ferrari lurks under this sheet?


Within the world of them people wealthy, there are several groups of rich: which is believe and van of rich but actually not it are both, them rich of truth and them rich that are capable of do create to a luxurious brand of automobiles a car special for them. …

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