Sunday , April 11 2021
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Care, Lotus could end up in the hands of the Geely of china


Lotus Cars is one of the brands most emblematic cars for car lovers. For some time his luck (both good and bad) it is tied to the evolution of DRB-Hicom, its parent company. This Malaysian-based company, also owns the Proton and the latest information that have come upon it their …

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Lynk & Co, a new mark will come from East and Sweden


When Geely Holding Group is made with Volvo nobody knew who was. Just had a thought in our minds and was not disappear Swedish brand, as did his compatriot Saab when General Motors got rid of it badly. However far from feed that fear Geely immediately is made charge of …

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London released a new plug-in hybrid taxi fleet to reduce pollution


The pollution in cities is becoming an extremely serious problem and many European cities are looking for ways to reduce the amount of nitrous oxide and solid particles that emerge from the exhausts of diesel engines. Taxis, a continuous presence in the city, are partly responsible for this contamination, since …

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