Friday , January 15 2021
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Volkswagen already has list its platform MEB to car electrical


The Volkswagen Group is working at full capacity to make everyone forget as soon as possible to the Dieselgate. So they have been to the Auto Show in Detroit some that another novelty in electric form in addition to other more mundane models. This is speed that are working their …

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Volkswagen already reigns as a group more seller in 2016


Ten days ago the year 2016 ended and now touch review of the main events that have taken place in the sector of the automobile in this period. One of which harder we know is what brands or groups industrial are the best-selling in the world and if there are …

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Volkswagen will expand its capacity production in Africa


The group Volkswagen continues to expand its operations around the world. The other day I informed you that already had operational its factory in Kenya (Africa). With the opening of this facility, its presence on the African continent will hold, since it served as a support to which you already …

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Volkswagen will expand its reserve fund for the Dieselgate


The Volkswagen Group does not win for trouble. The scandal of the emissions from its diesel engines in the United States has been a total turnaround in terms of view management of the group, its brands and its planning of product within several years. He Dieselgate, as is known by …

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The Volkswagen Group saves your accounts in the third quarter


The Volkswagen Group and its accounts it seems that they are resisting the stakes of the Dieselgate. Throughout the industry threw is the hands to the head when they uncovered the scandal and early estimates of the costs that this issue could lead to the Group were made. However, under …

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The Volkswagen Group will not undo any of its brands


When the Dieselgate erupted crook by surprise to the Volkswagen Group and its brands. Not can tell that were hoping that that happened, but certainly not had planned face is to what les has happened. Among the many measures that have had to take it are the economic and these …

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