Saturday , February 27 2021
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The new Opel Astra Sedan hit the market in the hands of Holden


Yesterday I had that Holden is passing it wrong in Australia. The signing of the lion has seen other foreign brands customers stolen and market share. However the brand leaders have made it clear that General Motors is going to provide new models so to be competitive again and to …

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Holden UTE that will never come to the market could be so


The new Opel Insignia Grand Sport is just around the corner and several months after landing on the main European markets reach Australia. However in its front not will look the ray that represents to the signature of Rüsselsheim, but the leon Holden and it stone that give life to …

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The Holden Adventra could return to Australia about the new logo


The synergies between the different brands that make up the sector of the automobile are very important. General Motors is one of the groups more important of the world and it has accomplished because have important synergies with several manufacturers. Australia is one of the countries most important for Detroit …

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Holden Australia tempts with models of General Motors


For this part of the world car Holden brand is not well known, and for those who do not know very well how to place it I will give a short brushstrokes of history. Holden was born in Australia in 1856 and since then has its headquarters in Port Melbourne. …

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