Friday , October 22 2021
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Another Lamborghini Huracan joins the Italian police


We are used to seeing certain Supercars models in the police of Dubai, but it is not something common in European countries. However, the Italian police got a Lamborghini hurricane two years ago, which now will be accompanied by another unit of the supercar of Sant’Agata Bolognese. Interior Minister Marco …

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I do echo the controversial words of Sergio Marchionne to Lamborghini


Sergio Marchionne has sent an ordago which historically always been his biggest rival; This is a Lamborghini. We do not know exactly the purpose of their statements. Reason not missing, because without a doubt, in exclusivity; It’s hard to beat Ferrari. Want Mr Marchionne addressed directly to Stefano Domenicali?, or …

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Lamborghini and Domenicali do not rule out his return to F1


The legendary Italian Supercars company, Yes, speak of Lamborghini, the manufacturer of tractors that one day he dared to challenge Ferrari and build Supercars as good or more as the Ferrari also flirted in the past with Formula 1 and saw its cars roll in the historic circuits of this …

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Lamborghini Urus also will be the first hybrid Lamborghini


The future of most vehicles it seems that it is clearly oriented towards the electrification of their propulsion systems. All indications are that within a few years virtually all new cars shall have recourse to the electricity as a source of energy. However, the case of the Supercars is not …

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To auction one of the few Lamborghini Reventon produced


I am sure that mind none of us own a Lamborghinimodel, be able to keep it and, of course, be able to enjoy driving it every Sunday. Any model from Lamborghini is object of desire for the world of motoring enthusiasts, but if we had to choose, surely us decantaríamos …

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