Sunday , February 23 2020
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The Bugatti Veyron designer leaves BMW


As you read it in the title of this post. It Jozef Kabaň, one of the people most involved in the design of that for a long time was faster and more powerful in the world production car, just to be signed by the German manufacturer BMW. Before joining BMW, …

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Suzuki launches in the India RS version of the new Baleno


The Baleno is the car that has returned to Suzuki to present world almost by the front door. Is true that is not a car of substance, or the more sophisticated, or at the highest technological level, but it is a car that is competitive enough so that it will …

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Honda Motors joins Hitachi to manufacture electric motors


The direction has taken the global automotive industry requires companies to be increasingly multidisciplinary. Already not worth with be the best firm in something concrete, now there is that be it in all if not like that the competition you delete of the map. Honda Motors is the greater manufacturer …

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