Sunday , February 23 2020
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Hyundai and Kia hope to exceed 8 million cars sold in 2017


Twenty years ago when we were talking about Hyundai and Kia many disparaging them because their designs and in general their cars failed to approach the Europeans. However the time, work and major investments that have been made in r & d have borne fruit to locate them at the …

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Changhe Auto plans more SUV to jump to the market international


Talk about the Chinese automobile sector is much less complicated. In this country there are more than one hundred marks of cars and each a goes by a way different. However, all seems that have a target common, that not is rather than disembark in those markets European and American. …

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Volkswagen will expand its capacity production in Africa


The group Volkswagen continues to expand its operations around the world. The other day I informed you that already had operational its factory in Kenya (Africa). With the opening of this facility, its presence on the African continent will hold, since it served as a support to which you already …

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Tesla is already updating Autopilot for some of their models


He another day you had that Tesla was working day and night during the seven days of the week for have list it last update of your system Autopilot. This information it provided the own Elon Musk on her has personal (Professional) of Twitter. However, little then jumped the news …

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Michael Schumacher is 48 years, Congrats Champ!


Makes little be fulfilled three years of the fatal accident that suffered Michael Schumacher while skiing and that you left in a situation critical. Today Formula 1 champion, there is much news about the real state of the seven times more than the few that his family and his manager …

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Electric cars will modify part of their aid in South Korea


So the sale of cars driven by electricity will increase these should improve two of their points critical. The first and most obvious is little autonomy they still have and the second is that its price is still high in comparison to the rest of the cars. Some countries, as …

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