Saturday , October 24 2020
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Maserati and BMW called to review its cars in the United States


The safety of cars is a fundamental element that makes and customers must guard most carefully. The case of the defective TAKATA airbags revolutionized to the automobile sector, as this Japanese firm was one of the main suppliers of this important safety system. The story is by its neglect letting …

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Exculpada Tesla of the fatal accident of a driver in a Model S


When Tesla launched to market the Model S and the possibility of their drivers could use their car in semi-autonomous manner, many were thought that it was already de facto an autonomous car. Truth is that the Autopilot technology has improved to be able to drive the car almost without …

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Honda calls its Odyssey review by problems in their seats


Honda Motor Co hopes that the year 2017 is much better that the 2016 and for this closed the year with a call to review. The Japanese firm next to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) want to investigate a possible failure in the seats of his great Odysseyminivan. …

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Jaguar and LR investigated by NHTSA by gearbox problems


Carry a time informing that the group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has some that another problem in the United States with the selector of controls of your box of changes automatic of 8 relations and origin ZF. These issues have already caused (we do not know whether negligently or otherwise) …

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FCA and NHTSA reviewed a million Dodge and RAM


Makes some months to all us startled the death of Anton Yelchin by a possible failure in the box of changes and brake of parking electric of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. At that time the italo-American manufacturer Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) ordered a call to massive revision to all cars …

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The Smart Fortwo investigated by the NHTSA for possible fire


The signing of small cars of Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz) Smart has become very popular in the whole world thanks to the success that took his urban micro Fortwo for two. This small vehicle already goes by its third generation and has managed to fit in the minds of many consumers, …

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NHTSA wants smartphones not distracted drivers


The last decade of the last century will be marked by the awakening of new technologies. These have put in our lives not to go anymore. Its utility goes much more beyond of what we can imagine the people of to foot, however mixed with certain behaviors or behaviors can …

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100,000 units of four models of Subaru to review for fire hazard


100.127 units of four models different from the company Japanese Subaru have been called to review in United States by the NHTSA. Apparently these more than 100,000 units have a problem with the management of overfeeding, which could result in a fire with serious risks to occupants that it entails. …

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