Friday , January 15 2021
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The problem of the Nissan Navara is split in two


The Nissan Navara is a pick-up with very good reputation around the world, although not in all markets it is known by the name of Navara; in some it is referred to as Nissan Frontier. However, this reputation, and your way of see to this model, can give turn of …

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Mercedes class X, the future pick-up, will not come to the U.S.


After some other teaser, the German firm’s three-pointed star was unveiled, at the end of October, a great revelation. We refer to the Mercedes class X concept, which appeared in a presentation in style with two different versions, one more technological with more urban focus (Stylish Explorer) and other totally …

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Nissan Navara Trek – 1 °, limited edition packed with equipment


The segment of the pickups is not precisely one of the most voluminous in the European market, even though it is true that the different manufacturers have addressed significantly enhance this type of vehicles in recent years. These improvements seem to have given rise to each of the models look …

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The Ram Rebel Black Edition will come to the market in brief


The group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is passing by a moment delicate in the United States. Them sales of its brands not are it good that they would want to and seems that their accounts not are in its best moment. All this will be translated into elimination of models …

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The new Ford F-150 will debut in Detroit with surprises


The Ford F-150 (F-series) is the best-selling model in the United States and the signing of the oval does not want competition to steal the land that have managed to achieve with so many years of work. Their sales grow year to year and now that RAM and Chevrolet van …

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PSA will manufacture and sell a pick-up for Peugeot in Tunisia


The Group French PSA is in full process of expansion of their operations in various countries of the world. After the bump that happened are reverting with force to the market to recover the ground lost following the fierce economic downturn. All this comes macerated by the launch of new …

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Mazda, Toyota and Isuzu join forces for their next pick ups


The Japanese car manufacturer Mazda is the best example that can survive in the single best car than badly accompanied industry. Play these cards makes you very small and vulnerable and any problem can kill you. Therefore, the signing of Hiroshima establishes agreements with other manufacturers and thus can take …

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Ford bet more on their SUV and pickup models


The footballer Mark Fields, head of Ford, talked about plans of the company. But, mark plans to focus more on models SUV and pick-up range and orient themselves less compact and utility models. This news arrives little after know that the same brand wants to move the manufacturing of their …

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Ford will bet more by their models SUV and pick-up


The footballer Mark Fields, head of Ford, talked about plans of the company. Although, the brand plans to focus is more in them models SUV and pick-up of the range and orient is less in them models compact and utilitarian. This news comes shortly after we know that the brand …

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