Tuesday , October 19 2021
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The next Mercedes SL will use the platform of the AMG GT


The Mercedes SL is submitted to a washing of face makes just a year. In spite of this already is begins to speak of the next generation of the roadster, that will be the seventh. And apparently the new model is surmised about the same platform that the Mercedes-AMG GT, the …

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Audi, victims of the Dieselgate of Volkswagen platforms

The Dieselgate follows through invoice brands under the umbrella of the Volkswagen Group and there are big changes that will arrive over the next few years to adjust expenses after the debacle that has been the problem in the accounts of the German company

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BMW and Toyota are twin will release two sporty hybrids


BMW and Toyota have come to an agreement to develop of way joint a platform that will allow to both manufacturers manufacture a car sports that will be with it best of both companies. In the case of the Japanese brand will be the successor of the Supra, while in …

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