Tuesday , January 26 2021
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Volvo V90 dresses of police in his native Sweden


The Volvo V90 has been a very important release in the Swedish brand. Share the SPA modular platform with his brother the Volvo S90. In fact both vehicles have been selected as finalists for car of the year in Europe 2017. But today we’re going to talk about the family, …

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This invention could mean the end of the long persecution police


Always be has said that “the vehicle” of them bodies of security more quickly is the radio. By very fast that is a car or a motorcycle police, the radio allows organize retentions in the traffic, perform locks with others vehicles police to them “thieves” and find them easily well …

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Audi S7 for Australian police


Australian police It has received a brand new Audi S7 Sportback as part of a program that aims to bring this security force more young people and the community in general. Although, this unit of the German sports sedan will replace another to that extra power, Audi RS4 Avant, making …

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81 cars seized in Dubai by illegal races could go to auction


The city of Dubai, belonging to the United Arab Emirates, is one of those places where money and image is everything. In fact, to draw attention and to show the economic power of the city, the police there has a fleet of unconventional vehicles. Yesterday we talked about would be …

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Dubai Police seize 81 luxury in an illegal race cars


The Dubai Police have an impressive fleet of police vehicles, with some of the best Supercars of the world wearing police uniform. These days, the Dubai order forces have in their possession 81 cars more luxury sports, but they are not intended to patrol. They have been seized in an …

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How long will take to reach the Dubai Police Bugatti Chiron?


In early March, coinciding with the start of the Geneva Auto Show, we knew the Bugatti Chiron. This luxury supercar had the difficult role of successor to the Bugatti Veyron, which was released many years before with 1,001 horsepower and a price higher than EUR 1 million. When we saw …

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