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Novitec Torado dota of 830 HP to the Lamborghini Hurricane LP580-2


Every lover of automobiles had ever (or often) the dream of saving an Italian supercar nice finished in the letter “i” in your garage. Depending on tastes, there are those who prefer Ferrari and those who like more Lamborghini, although if they will give us that we like “less”, surely …

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A BMW i8 out tone, by German Special Customs


News Engine already spoke again about the BMW i8. It is the German technological production model created by the brand to date. It’s a sporty hybrid that, although it may not catalog supercar, offers a very decent performance with their 362 horses and homologated consumption of only 2.1 liters. “Less …

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Mercedes-AMG GT S passes through the hands of Piecha Design


He Mercedes-AMG GT S is an authentic supercar designed by the brand of the star and the charge of their models of high performance, AMG. While the GT S is located on a lower step than his brother GT R, offers more performance that sufficient and exciting for most mortals …

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756 horses for the Ferrari 488 Spider prepared by Novitec


At the beginning of the last year 2015, Italian brand of the “cavallino rampante” presented to the substitute of Ferrari 458 Italy, Ferrari 488 GTB. The 488 GTB gave much that talk during weeks by use a motor V8 with supercharging by turbo, instead of the propeller atmospheric that rode …

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G-Power gets 615 HP in the BMW M4 GTS


The point more high of the series 4 of BMW, speaking in terms of performance, is called BMW M4 GTS. It improves its dynamism in many aspects on a normal M4 and is approaching even more pure and almost reserved driving only for circuits. The M4 GTS is also a …

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The heart of a Ferrari 458 in the body of a Toyota GT86


Many are the times that you bring in Highmotor some article about modifications mechanical led to out by preparers recognized based kits of bodywork and reprogramming or, directly, a change of engine. But this time the change is so drastic that it deserves special attention. A few months ago we …

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850 horses for a Mercedes GLE. So the preparation of Brabus


If you usually read, see or hear programs from the world of motoring, you sure know the company Brabus, or at least you sound. If not it remember, I help saying you that is is of a preparer, specialist in Mercedes-Benz and Smart, capable of change completely the concept of …

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