Sunday , September 27 2020
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That might be the Porsche Panamera Coupe, all a modern 928


Porsche Panamera 2017 was presented in the past few months ago and the truth is that it has not stopped talk about it. The truth is that it is now practically confirmed a shooting brake version, which will come within very short. Although recreation that comes to us today is …

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Peugeot 308 2017, could thus be compact French face washing


Recreation of the Peugeot 308 2017 by RM Design Recently photographs spy confirmed rumors, in Peugeot are preparing a face wash to its successful compact. But still there is nothing official, as we can get the idea of how it will be the Peugeot 308 2017 thanks to this render …

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A Fiat 124 Coupé? Nor does it seem bad idea


With the launch of the Fiat 124 Spider, the Italians have recovered one of the most legendary names in its catalogue. So reach range Fiat model sporty and aspirational brand, recovering part of the essence last mark. Now from OmniAuto made an interesting proposal, recreating a Fiat 124 Coupé with …

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