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Safety and security road

Kubica may try again a F1


Robert Kubica as you know was an extraordinary Polish F1 driver. It was pretty good, but during the competition in a rally suffered an accident, and his hand was seriously damaged. He feared for the safety of his hand and even came to think he would lose it, but finally …

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Honda calls its Odyssey review by problems in their seats


Honda Motor Co hopes that the year 2017 is much better that the 2016 and for this closed the year with a call to review. The Japanese firm next to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) want to investigate a possible failure in the seats of his great Odysseyminivan. …

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The Smart Fortwo investigated by the NHTSA for possible fire


The signing of small cars of Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz) Smart has become very popular in the whole world thanks to the success that took his urban micro Fortwo for two. This small vehicle already goes by its third generation and has managed to fit in the minds of many consumers, …

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The DGT may increase to 130 Km/h speed on motorways


Still remember as if outside yesterday which is bundled when by guilt of the last “crisis energy” (it between comillo because really not was such) is reduced the limit of speed of our motorways and highways to 110 kilometers by hour. Everyone complained that it did not helped to save …

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Über is jumps the laws of San Francisco to test its autonomous


Über passenger transport enterprise is one that most is investing in that their cars are completely autonomous. With this their costs will be much more low and the profitability will be more high, also, the flexibility that you grants have a fleet of cars without drivers will allow that them …

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A guard rail flexible to minimize the deaths in road


Half the world roads have had to adapt to the developments that have been cars. Of be roads of land without greater protection to them current highways and motorways are a great trecho. One of them main elements of security that can find in them are the removes fear or …

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