Wednesday , February 24 2021
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Ford paralyzes temporarily the production at four of its plants


Ford Motor Company is one of the largest manufacturers of cars of the world. However, the situation that lives in some markets is bittersweet. In Europe has had that reduce the production of some of its factories as it of Almussafes in Valencia. And now this situation seems that is going …

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Sales of new cars in Russia are still in freefall


Sales of new cars in Russia are still a trend opposite to that logic should follow. Russia is one of the largest countries in the world and extension both by volume of population and even, for some models, volume of per capita income should sell more units of which is …

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SEAT sold the Mii by Mango in France with Amazon


New technologies are more and more present in our lives, that there is no doubt. These technologies have made to change the world of Commerce. We can buy many things, including personal groomer. Clothes, shoes and makeup will soon include the car. Today’s society day doesn’t have time to go …

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In September, sales of new cars in China rose 26.1%


The new China vehicle market seems that it does not touch the roof. Sales of passenger cars and all land in the country of the great wall never cease to grow and September has been a very good month. According to the China Association of automobile manufacturers (CAAM) last enrollment …

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The Ateca Seat still in trouble, again more delays


SEAT is living nothing pleasant moments. All know the problems that the SEAT Ateca is taking in its launch commercial. Seemed that the new all road of the signature Spanish was to raze in the market, however to them problems that have had with the approval of the variant diesel …

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The Brexit is already causing cars to rise in price


Be part of a whole in the majority of occasions always is an advantage. Be isolated in a corner has never been good to any company or person. Remember that a company is part of a whole and this applies equally to countries. United Kingdom with Yes to the Brexit …

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