Sunday , July 12 2020
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They grow in Spain luxury car sales crisis ended?

Luxury cars have a totally different market to the commercial brands, by its exclusivity and luxury, as well as its price. The sales figures are much lower than of any other brand, so any sale is a success. Keep reading to see the ranking of luxury brands by units sold.

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Hyundai and Kia hope to exceed 8 million cars sold in 2017


Twenty years ago when we were talking about Hyundai and Kia many disparaging them because their designs and in general their cars failed to approach the Europeans. However the time, work and major investments that have been made in r & d have borne fruit to locate them at the …

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Tesla leaves of sell in Missouri their models by a time


Tesla Motors does have problems in several of the States that form the United States because of its model sales for their vehicles. As we all know in many countries of the world the sale of certain types of products (among which are the cars) are subject to a distribution …

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